A Great Start!

The Great Start Collaborative Website is moving!!!! This site will be shut down September 1st of 2013. Please begin to use our new website at: www.cop4kids.com This new site will be the new home for information relating to everything with the GSC for Cheboygan, Otsego, and Presque Isle Counties. Thanks so much, and enjoy the new site!

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Great Start Collaborative for Otsego, Cheboygan & Presque Isle Counties is to facilitate the growth of a caring community for young children and their families and to allow children to be safe, healthy and ready for success in school and other life activities.

Vision Statement:
The Vision of the Great Start Collaborative for Cheboygan, Otsego & Presque Isle Counties is to offer a full range of Early Childhood services and supports which are readily available for all children and families.

Consumers Energy AwardScholarship Grant Awarded!

Consumers Energy Grant

It is with excitement that we are announcing that the Great Start Collaborative has been awarded $11,000.00 from Consumers Energy to help provide preschool scholarships to families who apply and are eligible! There will be an updated preschool scholarship application in June of 2013!

Keep checking back for the updated form, dates for family fun activities, and resources for your family!

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