C.O.P. Collaborative

The Cheboygan, Otsego, and Presque Isle counties Great Start Collaborative is made up of parents of young children, members of the faith and business communities, local philanthropic organizations, community leaders, educators and leaders of the local public agencies providing the majority of early childhood services in the community.

2013 Great Start Collaborative Meeting Schedule

March 19th 2013
May 21st 2013
August 20th 2013
October 15th 2013

Meeting Time – 11:30-2:30

 For specific dates and times or an agenda of the coming meeting, contact GSC COP Coordinator Melinda Hambleton at 231 238-9394 ext. 224.

Links to Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Projects:

2012-2013 Great Start and Parent Coalition Accomplishments

Provided Preschool Scholarships
Raised over $40,000.00 in grants for projects which benefit children & families throughout COP Counties!
Establish Literacy Corners through COP Counties and developed Literacy Project with Secretary of State
Develop “Project Baby Safe” – Compile bags with diapers, T Shirts sharing “Fragile Handle with Care” message
Car Seat Safety Project in partnership with the Presque Isle Sheriff Department
Assisted with bringing 211 into the 3 counties
Secured grants and donations for a new Playground in Tower
Offer Parenting Education workshops

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